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The Globe is for you and all other young people taking part in the World’s Children’s Prize program. Here you’ll meet friends from all over the world, learn about your rights and get some tips on what you can do to make the world a little better!

Don't miss the stories about the Child Rights Heroes and the children they fight for. Also in this issue: What does the Child Jury do? What are the rights of the child and What is the Global Vote? Meet children from all over the world who participated in the Global Vote, from countries like Burma, D.R. Congo, Mozambique, and Nepal.

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Age limit
The World’s Children’s Prize programme is open to anyone from the age of ten until the year you turn 18. The upper age limit is because the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child says that you are a child until the year you turn 18. There are several reasons for the lower age limit.
   To be able to take part in the Global Vote, you must first learn about the three candidates and the children they fight for. Sometimes, the children’s life stories are horrible, and can be frightening for younger children. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to create resources for children under the age of ten.

Talk to an adult
The candidates work for children who sometimes have been subjected to terrible violations of their rights. Even children over ten can find it upsetting to read about them. So it’s a good idea to ask an adult to help you decide whether you and your friends should participate in this year’s programme. It is also important that you have an adult to talk to once you have read the stories.

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